Sleek Websites that Fit Your Small Business Needs

If you’re looking to boost your online marketing, I can help. I create custom-built websites that will fit your brand and catch the attention of customers. 

Your website tells the customer how you do business. If your website is not in tip-top shape, it will give off a bad impression. That’s why it is so important to carefully shape your website in a way that translates your company’s brand and image.


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User Experience

If your website visitors are confused or don’t understand your business’ message, then your website isn’t doing its job. Yes, tailoring your website for search engines is very important, but user experience is equally as important.


People are using mobile devices to search for goods and services more than ever. If your website is not designed for computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, you’re going to get left behind.

Calls to Action

Getting people to visit your website is just the beginning of the online journey. By creating calls-to-action, we are opening the door for your website visitors to convert into customers of your business. 

I create websites that are tailored for the user and search engines.

Each and every website I make is designed to fit any device.

Your website will naturally utilize calls-to-action to faciliate leads.

How Does Your Website Size up to Modern Times?

Not all websites are created equal.

However, the more you analyze successful websites, the more you will notice similarities.

Make sure your website has most, if not all, 16 of these. If not, your business could be in trouble.

Small Business Website FAQ’s

Small Business Website Must-Haves


Finance Website

Aerial Photography Website

Pianist Website

Plumber Website

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Your Website Here

Content Management System

Keeping your website fresh and maintaining it is an important part of your online success. I use WordPress to manage your website’s content. This allows us to make edits when we need to, keeps your website SEO friendly, and it allows you to post blogs or articles at your disclosure.

#1 CMS in the world.

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